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The history of the company covers a long period. It was officially established in 1803 and has ever since been operating successfully in national and international markets.

In many aspects the company is strongly on the move and many changes for growth lie ahead,  now and in the future. In line with this, (potential) employees are provided with good prospects for further, professional growth and development as well as opportunities to start a successful career.

The pursued policy is to offer a wide range of training and development possibilities, initiated either by the management or by the employee him/herself.

Corporate culture
The corporate culture is characterised by an informal atmosphere, own initiative and independence, sensibility, a no-nonsense attitude, enthusiasm, loyalty and respect towards each other.


Visiting address

Prinsengracht 2
8607 AD Sneek
The Netherlands

Delivery address

Selfhelpweg 14
8607 AB Sneek


Monday - Friday
07:15 - 16:00 hour

Mail address

P.O. Box 203
8600 AE Sneek
The Netherlands
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